Every Fall we begin again with offering on going obedience classes.  These continue until the end of Spring at which time we open up the field to Agility to those who have mastered their recalls and dogs that have the aptitude for the sport.

Sign up for Spring Obedience  Must pre-register with payment in advance to hold your place.

Beginning Obedience

6 week class 7pm Call to inquire about start dates.

Intermediate Obedience

Call for dates. Must have taken beginning class at NWCC.

Classes we Offer

9609 SW Cemetery Rd ♥ Vashon, WA 98070  ♥ 206-852-0661


                                                      Hours of Operation

www.nwcanineconnection.com  ♥ info@nwcanineconnection.com

To sign up for classes call or email to ensure availability.  In order to hold your place in class we require payment in full.  This is first come first serve so get your payment in early.

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