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Tip #1                            Teach your dog to waitResources_2.html
Tip #2               Teach your dog to come when calledResources_3.html
Tip #3             Teach your dog to heel beside youResources_4.html
If you have a question about any of the information above or any other training tips you would like, email me and I’ll do my best to either email you back or post a new tip to help you in your training needs. Check out my Blog as you will hopefully be entertained and learn more about training your dog with my little antic-dotes.
Training is a life long commitment which 
pays you back ten fold.
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Liability Disclaimer

The training advice in this website should only be used as a training guide. It is not as a replacement for a qualified dog trainer who will evaluate your dog’s specific problems.  If you are having any aggression or dominance issues with your dog, contact your veterinarian, and ask for a referral to a qualified dog trainer.  Not all dog trainers work with aggressive dogs.  Be sure to use a trainer who specializes in aggression in dogs and ask how they will go about correcting the problem.  Ask why they believe their method is effective. Call around to other dog trainers ask similar questions and compare the answers. Be wary of trainers who only use “positive” reinforcement in behavior modification training, and be wary of trainers who use electric shock collars for correction in behavior modification training.

Most of the aggressive behaviors we see in our dogs are a fear response and can be overcome by consistent exposure to the fearful element when modification techniques are applied.

Tip #4             Teach your dog to lay downResources_5.html

List of My Favorite Books

The Dog Listener by Jan Fennell

Art of Raising a Puppy by

Monks of New Skete

The Other end of the Leash by Patricia McConnell

The Dog’s Mind: Understanding Your Dog’s Behavior by

Bruce Fogle

Tip #5             Four principals of housebreaking a dogResources_6.html
Rescue Dog Associations
Boston Terrier Rescue Western
Seattle Pure Breed Dog Rescue
Tip #6             Aggression at the BowlResources_7.html
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