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Tip #1                            Teach your dog to wait

 The wait command is used to build patience and self control in your dog.  A dog who is overly excited is hard to control.  Wait will give you the control you need in many situations.  

Have your dog wait at the door before going out, wait for their food, before giving the "okay" to eat, wait in the car before coming out, wait at the curb while you step ahead into the cross walk.  

At the door, tell your dog to wait and wave your hand in front of his nose. As you open the door watch your dog.  If your dog moves forward, close the door and with a stern voice say, "NO", then repeat "wait".  Do this until your dog stays in place until you tell  him to go.  Do Not make him wait too long.  In the beginning, only have your dog wait for one or two seconds.  Do Not let him chose when to go, it must be your choice.